Electrical Contractors and Electricians in Toronto GTA,

Our Services

If your particular requirement is not listed, please give us a call at (905)780-8048 and specify what sort of electrical service you require. Our contractors provide services in Toronto East, Scarborough, Markham, Maple, Toronto West, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, Etobicoke, North York, Thornhill, Vaughn, Concord, and anywhere in Toronto.

Upgrades and Repairs

Our skilled and knowledgeable workers can do any type of electrical upgrades and repairs.

Troubleshooting & Power Outages

Having electricity line problem or power outages just call us for our expert electricians.

Remodeling Projects

Our licensed and qualified technicians will give their best efforts for remodeling any projects.

Electrical Home Inspection

If your electrical system has faulty or damaged electrical system components, the technicians

Code corrections

Need for a code correction in the meter box we will provide knowledgeable engineers.

Surge protection

We provide surge protector in case of any excess voltages supply in the line.


Our trained electricians will help in lighting your houses for any events or normally.

Security Lighting

We also provide security lighting services at home, office, institution and others anytime.

Ceiling Fan Installation and Maintenance

We will provide expert and trained workers for ceiling fan installation and maintenance services.


The Sam Electrical Contractors & Electricians in Toronto GTA install doorbells at your request.

Smoke Detectors

The Sam Electric install smoke detectors in New Market and other areas in GTA Toronto.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Call for setting carbon monoxide detectors in Toronto GTA, Thornhill, and Markham and Woodbridge areas.

Appliance Circuits

Our trained electricians will help in setting up the appliance circuits in Toronto GTA.

Electric Heating

In New Market and other areas in GTA Toronto we will provide Electric Heating processor.

Exhaust Fans

Our electricians will help in installing new exhaust fans at your kitchen and bathroom.

Service Panel Maintenance / Upgrades

Call our electrical contractor for upgrading and service panel maintenance services in Toronto GTA.

Fuse / Breaker Replacement

We provide Fuse and Breaker Replacement services in Toronto GTA, Thornhill, Markham and Woodbridge.

Electric Water Heaters

The Sam Electricians will help repairing and installing Electric Water Heaters in New Market.

A/C Wiring

Our electricians can do A/C Wiring in Toronto GTA and other areas in GTA Toronto.

TV and Phone Jacks

We are expert in installing and replacing TV and Phone Jacks in Toronto GTA.

Computer Wiring

Our licensed electricians can perfectly do computer wiring in Woodbridge and New Market areas.

Home Safety Inspections

You can contact our electrical contractor to inspect for home safety in Toronto GTA.